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Have you been in a truck accident? Do you need money during your lawsuit?

Every motor vehicle accident is serious. However, accidents involving trucks can be doubly serious, leading to severe injuries, significant property damage, and large bills to pay. Even if you eventually win your lawsuit, you need money now to pay your bills while you recover and get your life or business back on track.

Our truck accident settlement funding program can get you the emergency cash you need quickly, often within 24 hours. This program is available whether you’ve just begun your lawsuit or you have already reached a settlement.

Here are just some of the many benefits of our unique truck accident lawsuit funding program:

  • You can get your money rapidly, generally in 24 hours.
  • If you lose your case, you do NOT have to pay back the money.
  • It gives you “breathing room” so you can be patient and get the best settlement offer.
  • You can choose between one lump sum
    or monthly cash installments.
  • There are no monthly payments.
  • It’s simple and hassle-free, with no
    paperwork for you to fill out.

Why let lack of money add to your problems? You deserve better. Call us today about this special truck accident lawsuit settlement funding program and get the cash you need tomorrow.

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Your Details are safe with us. Privacy Policy