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Studies Find Driving while Texting Just as Dangerous as Driving while Drunk

Posted on June 21, 2011 by Fast Lawsuit Team

A recent study by the University of Utah finds that driving while talking on the phone or texting is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. “Just like you put yourself and other people at risk when you drive drunk, you put yourself and others at risk when you use a cell phone and drive,” writes David Strayer, a psychology professor and the study’s lead author. “The level of impairment is very similar.”

With studies like this in mind, many states are working on new laws to make it illegal to talk or text while driving. Over 3,000 people each year are killed by someone who was talking on the phone or texting. And that number grows each year.

Many drivers do not realize this but if you are involved in an accident where someone is injured or killed, and you were talking on the phone or texting, then you are legally responsible. Even an accident where people sustain minor injuries can lead to all kinds of expensive legal action against the guilty party.

This is a growing concern for lawmakers but the general public still seems blithely unaware of just how dangerous it is. Very few drivers have the capability to concentrate on their driving while also holding a conversation or texting. People believe they can safely drive and talk or text, but studies show that just isn’t true.

At we often see people who are involved in massive automobile accident lawsuits because of injuries or deaths inflicted upon them by negligent drivers. Negligent driving is against the law and you can even be jailed or face stiff fines if found to be negligent for any reason while driving an automobile.

These lawsuits can drag on for years. Lawsuit funding can take weeks or months to come through. For those who’ve been injured or even lost a loved one because of a negligent driver, it can be painful to face years of legal proceedings. Bills can pile up. You may need ongoing medical care and not be able to work. How do you get your life back on track again? believes we have the answer. We have built a company that helps victims involved in lawsuits to go ahead and get lawsuit settlement funding so they can pay their bills and get the medical help they need to focus on their life.

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Lawsuit funding can be the answer for you. If you are struggling financially, you might be tempted to settle early for a lesser amount. At we want to put some money in your hands now so that you can afford to hold out for the big offer. We hope you’ll check out our lawsuit loan program. It’s quick and easy and you could have your money within 24 hours if qualified. We are your pre-settlement funding company.


Drunk Driving Facts and Statistics

Posted on June 19, 2011 by Fast Lawsuit Team

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2009 33,808 people died in traffic accidents. Of that number, an estimated 10,839 of those people died in alcohol-related driving accidents. This means that drunk driving fatalities accounted for about one-third of all traffic deaths. On average, someone is killed in an alcohol-related driving crash approximately every 50 minutes in the United States.

If that number scares you, then think about this: those numbers don’t even include the injuries; only the fatalities. You probably know someone who has been involved in an auto accident where alcohol was involved. There’s a good chance that you’ll be involved in some type of alcohol-related crash at some point in your life.

At we see it every day, people involved in long drawn out automobile accident lawsuit with someone who ran into them while drunk. Their car is totaled. They can’t work. They may have even lost their job. Their entire world is turned upside down over this auto accident with a drunk driver.

How do you pay your bills in the meantime? You could wind up losing your home if the lawsuit settlement goes on longer than you thought. You can’t imagine the stress that this type of situation puts people under. Here they are with no job, in danger of losing their home and they didn’t do one thing wrong. They were just driving down the road when some drunk driver ran them over.

By the time your lawsuit funding finally arrives, you may be struggling with all kinds of health and financial issues. That’s the reality of the repercussions of drunk driving. It ruins people’s lives. was created to help people in that situation. We can’t fix everything but we can at least help you with some of those pressing financial needs. And our service is very easy. We’ve slashed the red tape to make it as easy as possible for you to get a lawsuit loan. is your lawsuit loan settlement company. We’ve helped hundreds of people over the years put their lives back together by giving them the money they needed to catch up on some bills.

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Facts about Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding

Posted on June 13, 2011 by Fast Lawsuit Team

Many times, injuries you receive in a car accident can be severe or even life-threatening. Often, even when an auto accident only results in minor injuries, you still need to see a doctor and your car is damaged. If you’ve ever found yourself in this predicament then you may have decided to go ahead and hire an attorney and sue those responsible.

But now what? It takes time to settle automobile lawsuit cases. Now you can’t work. Your car must be repaired. Perhaps you need ongoing treatment from a doctor. All this takes money and without being able to work, the paychecks will stop. Lawsuit loans may be the answer.

One of the most common types of auto accidents is being rear-ended. Drivers are on the phone talking or texting and they don’t realize that you’ve stopped just ahead of them. They slam on the brakes but there’s just not enough time.

Rear end collisions often cause whiplash. With whiplash, you’ll need X-rays and ongoing treatment from a chiropractor, a massage therapist and sometimes an occupational therapist. It takes months of treatment to heal whiplash. Plus, there are normally headaches and pain in your neck associated with whiplash.

Another common auto accident that often produces serious injuries is the head-on collision. Just last year in Utah, a highway patrolman was hit head-on by a drunk driver who was driving the wrong way on a freeway.

The police officer received a 911 call about the drunk driver and proceeded onto the freeway in front of her. He parked in the SUV lane with his lights on to try and catch her and get her off the freeway. Instead of her seeing the police car and lights, she smashed right into his car head on.

The drunk driver was fine but the police officer sustained back injuries. Injuries like this often occur to your lower back but whiplash can also occur. It can take months of rehab to fully recover. sees people like this every day who have been involved in some sort of car accident. They’ve been injured through no fault of their own and they have decided to sue the guilty party. But while they’re waiting for their lawsuit to settle, they’ve still got bills to pay. The rent and electric bill come due each month just like always.

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