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Floating Nightmares: Lawsuit Funding for Cruise Ship accident victims

Posted on February 1, 2012 by Fast Lawsuit Team

This is your dream vacation. You have looked at plenty of brochures and selected the cruise ship you liked best. You have saved up for it and exercised thoroughly for a bikini-worthy body. And when you first boarded the cruise ship, you were excited that the trip will be full of fun and enjoyment. Alas, your cruise ship dreams have morphed into a nightmare due to a cruise ship accident.

Cruise Ship Accidents

A cruise ship is virtually a city in itself. Aside from your cabin accommodations, most cruise ships will have a sumptuous dining area, more than one pool, Jacuzzis, entertainment rooms, shopping areas and so on. Cruise ships are equipped with a lot of safety devices and are staffed with people that are well-trained and well-versed in safety measures. However, equipment can fail, the staff can make mistakes or perform acts of negligence.

As a result, accidents and untoward incidents happen. These include:

-          Being shipwrecked

-          Running aground, collisions with other boats

-          Falling overboard

-          Physical assault resulting from the ship’s lack of security

-          Slip and fall accidents

-          Faulty or poorly maintained equipment

-          Drowning accidents

-          Burn injuries

-          Food poisoning

-          Sexual assault or harassment

The results of these incidents may be catastrophic. One can sustain serious physical injuries or worse, be a victim of wrongful death. Just recently, a luxury liner figured in a major accident when the captain steered the ship too closely to the coast of the island of Giglio in Italy. As the ship hit a reef and was starting to sink, panic ensued and some passengers jumped into the water. As a result of this human error, a number of passengers lost their lives while others were injured. The owner of the luxury owner will surely find itself faced with a profusion of personal injury lawsuits, even as there were complaints that the crew members and staff were slow in their responses to the crisis.

Protecting your rights when injured in a cruise ship

The rights of a cruise ship’s passengers and crew are stringently protected by maritime law. Cruise ships are required to follow the Coast Guard Rules and Regulations. However, since these maritime requirements as well as contractual laws and common laws may vary from state to state and from country to country, filing a lawsuit against an erring cruise ship line may be complicated. When you are thinking of filing a cruise ship accident lawsuit, you may need the services of an attorney that is experienced in handling such lawsuits.

Here are some of the things you should do in case you are a victim of a cruise ship accident:

-          Inform the ship’s crew and doctor immediately.

-          Document the scene of the accident. Take pictures, especially of elements that may have caused the injury. Take pictures of the injury as well. List down names and contact details of witnesses – both from the crew or the passengers.

-          Request for the incident report. Make sure that you keep all the documentation you get from the liner.

-          Once the ship’s doctor has seen you, ask for the copy of the medical records and any related documentation before the end of the trip.

-          If you feel the effects of the injury after the trip has already ended, remember that there may be a short statute of limitations by which you can file a claim and by which you can inform the cruise ship company of your injuries and their extent. The statute of limitations, as well as other details of the contract are usually printed in the ticket so be sure to also hold onto the ticket.

-          Once you return home, get a second medical opinion.

-          Avoid talking to the claims representatives of the cruise line.

Funding for Cruise Ship Accident Lawsuits

One thing’s for sure, cruise ship lines are big companies with big-ticket lawyers. Coupled with the lawyers from their insurance company, you have quite a battle ahead of you. This may be especially frustrating and stressful if you are unable to work due to the injuries you have sustained.

The pressures from the lawsuit as well as financial pressures may build up so that getting a quick settlement (even one that is less that the claim’s full value) becomes an acceptable option.

But you don’t have to settle for less than the compensation you deserve. You can have the cash to hold on and keep up the fight by getting a little help through lawsuit funding. Lawsuit funding is a quick and easy way to get cash for you to pay off any debts, medical bills, court-related costs, as well as your family’s day-to-day expenses. provides you with lawsuit funding. Also called a lawsuit settlement advance or a settlement loan, this is non-recourse funding, meaning, you don’t have to pay it back if the lawsuit fails to settle. provides lawsuit cash advances with competitive rates and a streamlined application process. You can receive the cash in as little as 24 hours after your application has been approved.



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