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Lawsuit Funding for Truck Accidents

Posted on November 24, 2011 by Fast Lawsuit Team

Accidents involving trucks (including tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, semis, light trucks and large trucks) result in around 3 million accidents every year. The sheer size of the trucks results in a high number of fatalities every year, yielding some 5,000 deaths. This may involve cars being rear ended by trucks that lost their brake, vehicular accidents where the driver failed to see the other vehicle or pedestrians being run over. Other cases involve a truck turning into a driver’s path even if that driver had the right of way, being hit by cargo or tire parts that get detached from the truck or a truck jackknifing or rolling over the other vehicle. Recently, a tragic accident happened in Michigan where a boy was killed when an ice cream truck reversed and the driver was not aware that two boys were still playing at the back of the truck.

Truck accidents happen due to several factors, which include:

-          Loss or failure of brakes or wheels

-          Driver fatigue or inattention, as most truck drivers travel long distances

-          Improper loading or overloading of the truck

-          Over speeding

-          Tailgating

-          Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

-          Steering wheel problems

-          Poor truck maintenance

-          Driving under difficult conditions (slippery roads, heavy traffic)

-          Reckless driving on the truck driver’s part (including driving while texting and disregarding traffic signs)

When truck meets car or pedestrian, the usual result is that the truck usually wins. The weight of the truck (and its cargo) causes the higher impact on the other party during a collision. There is a higher risk of injury or death for the driver and passengers of the other vehicle. The injuries resulting from the truck accident may include soft tissue injuries (i.e. whiplash), bone fractures, damage resulting to the loss of a limb, herniated spinal disks, serious head injuries, head and brain injuries and in worst cases, death.

The impact of a truck accident can create a serious financial burden for the family, not to mention the pain and suffering that is inflicted upon the truck accident victims. The medical expenses can be quite substantial, especially if the accident necessitated surgery. There are also related expenses, such as the need to pay for housekeeping or childcare services, transportation costs of going to and from the hospital and so on. The victim will also have to miss work while getting treated and during the recovery period.

Filing a truck accident lawsuit

When it is clearly the truck driver’s fault, the injured party can file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver and his insurance company. Please note that you may not sue for damages when you are the one who caused the accident.

The lawsuit will demand for compensation that includes:

-          Medical and doctor bills

-          Recovery and physical therapy costs

-          Loss of income and/or loss of job

-          Counseling and therapy costs

-          Compensation for trauma, pain and suffering

When filing for a truck accident lawsuit (as well as applying for lawsuit funding), be sure to get the following information or documents:

-          Police report, including statements of witnesses

-          Photographs of the scene of the accident, including photographs of the surrounding scene for reference purposes

-          Medical reports (doctor’s report, diagnostic reports such as X-rays, CAT Scan and MRI reports)

-          Records of medical and related expenses

The issue is that, often, the truck accident lawsuit can take months or years to get settled. This can make things financially difficult for the injured individual and his family, particularly when they are living from paycheck to paycheck. The medical bills will make a serious dent on the finances of the family. This is where lawsuit settlement funding can help.

Lawsuit funding (or lawsuit loans, as some call it) can provide a victim and his family with a stopgap. The proceeds can ensure that the victim gets the medical care he needs while his family is provided for in terms of food, shelter and other basic needs. One can also use the proceeds from the lawsuit funding to pay for debts.

When you are applying for a lawsuit loan, it is important to work with a reputable lawsuit funding company with a fast turnaround time such as can do the legwork, evaluate your lawsuit and once you are approved, you can get your cash in as quickly as one day.


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