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How Lawsuit Funding can help you

You are a victim of a lawsuit all because another person was careless. Be careful because some insurance companies may delay the settlement of your claim or your trial. This delay may hurt you financially, causing you to accept a settlement that is far less than your full case value.

You, being the plaintiff may be filled with concern and stress as to how you’re even going to make it. Who knows how long the case will take. Depending on the lawsuit, it may take months to even years for the case to settle. This long timeframe can lead to even more stresses such as, how are you going to pay your bills, get food on the table, pay your medical expenses and much more.What if there is a way to relieve this financial stress? That is when people think of lawsuit settlement funding. What is settlement funding and how can it assist you? Lawsuit Funding can help by giving you the time you need so you can get the maximum payout on your lawsuit. Your attorney can feel more confident to move forward with litigation when you are getting the help you need. is concerned about what happened to you or your loved one. We discuss the details of your lawsuit with your attorney to understand and determine if you’re eligible for lawsuit funding. Once you are approved, you get the money you need to assist you. You don’t owe anything until your lawsuit has settled. However, if your case doesn’t settle, the money is yours to keep. You have nothing to lose when receiving a lawsuit loan. You being approved are not based on your credit score, being employed or your job status, or any other personal information. It is based entirely on your lawsuit case.

We don’t want you to be afraid to ask for lawsuit funding. You being the plaintiff know as well as we do that the accident was not your fault.You were the victim in the accident.We also don’t want you to be ashamed to ask for the financial help you need. If settlement funding can help you get back on track with your life, than what do you have to risk? is here to help you relieve some stress today. has a mission that is simple! Our main focus is to “speed up and simplify the process”. That being said, once you get approved you can start receiving your money within 24 hours or sometimes even the same day. We aren’t like most lawsuit settlement funding companies that usually will take weeks to complete the process. We have designed a simple five-step lawsuit funding process, making it possible for us to provide money to you in a reasonable time frame.

Our simple 5 step process includes:

• Most important, you are a victim of a personal injury lawsuit.
• We need your first and last name, phone number and email address. This can be provided online or by giving us a call to speak with one of our lawsuit funding specialists.
• We will review all the details of your lawsuit case with your attorney to determine your pre-settlement funding potential.
• We will need to go over and have you and your attorney sign all the necessary documents
• Lastly, you receive your money. is committed to getting you your money quickly and sometimes in as little as 24 hours. Lawsuit funding can give your attorney a change to negotiate your case and resolve your case to the fullest. After you receive your money and have the cash in hand you will not be forced into accepting a “low ball” settlement. Now you can see how a lawsuit loan can assist you.

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Your Details are safe with us. Privacy Policy