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Lawsuit Loan or Lawsuit Funding?

Posted on January 12, 2011 by Fast Lawsuit Team

Let’s face it, a lawsuit loan is non-existent. People have substituted the name pre-settlement funding with lawsuit loan for many years. A loan is something that is paid back over an agreed amount of time. Most likely the loan has built up a percentage of interest that also has to be paid back. When people apply for a loan the financial institution will have to check their credit, proof of employment, proof of income and all other personal information before they will be approved.  A lawsuit settlement funding may be an easier form of financing option to qualify for.

Lawsuit Funding is money that Fast Lawsuit Money will give those who need the financial funding right away with no credit check, proof of employment or other personal information required. After they review your case and come up with the agreed settlement amount, they will give you the money in less than 24 hours, whether it’s in full or by monthly installments. The money they give is to help you pay your bills every month, get groceries, pay any medical bills and pretty much get by until your case has been resolved.

We’re going to just scratch off the name lawsuit loan and cash advance. No one wants to have a lawsuit loan. This just sounds like something else you may have to stress over paying back during a period of time. Who wants to add another bill every month that will add more stress? Since lawsuit funding is not a loan, it will not appear on your credit report and affect your credit where loans will if you don’t pay them.

If you want to speed up the process while also making it simple, Fast Lawsuit Money is the choice for you! You can start getting your bills paid and get out of debt. There is no monthly payment due just like loans when you choose settlement funding. You can use the money for any co pays, medications, and other medical expenses due to your lawsuit case.

If you lose your case, the money is yours. If you win, the agreed pre-settlement amount when your case was approved is what your attorney will pay us. Usually this money is what you receive when you win your case and it has been resolved. You have the benefits of being able to pay your bills on time and not be in a financial crisis.

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