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Posted on January 21, 2011 by Fast Lawsuit Team

If you are in need of financial help when involved in a lawsuit case there may be help out there for you. Fast Lawsuit Money has been helping people with financial funding since 2006. Many of you may have questions when looking into getting pre-settlement funding. We want to try and help you understand how lawsuit settlement funding can help you or your loved one get the help they may need. Hopefully we can eliminate some questions you may have and leave you with a better understanding of how this all works. If there are any questions you have not listed please contact us.

What case types will we fund?

If you have been injured by another insured party’s negligence and are able to prove the injury we may be able to help you. You also will need to have hired an attorney to work on your case.  We will work with you and your attorney to try and come up with the best solution for you. We have helped those injured due to an automobile accident, animal attack, and defective product. This is just a few of the lawsuit case types we have been able to provide help with.

Do you need good credit?

You may be surprised to hear that you don’t need to have good credit to qualify for financial funding. Fast Lawsuit Money does not check your credit to see if you can qualify for the help you need. We simply want to do our best to help you in any way we can. We will review every case and may be able to get you the amount of cash needed to help you get by. Especially so you can resolve your lawsuit case to its fullest and not just settle for a low-ball offer. This is one reason we don’t want to mistake pre-settlement funding as a loan. It is not like a loan in any way.

Do you need to be employed?

We understand that most of the accidents people get in may leave them without a job for a period of time so they can heal. Proof of employment may be hard when you may not be able to work. That is why we do not require proof of employment. We also do not check your job status and any other personal information. What we want to do is try to provide you with the financial help needed while you are without a job.  The Pre-settlement funding you need can help you get by until you are able to go back to work or until your lawsuit case has been resolved.

How much money will you receive?

After you have either called us or filled out the form on our website to get approved for lawsuit funding we will try to get back to you within 24 hours. We will discuss your lawsuit case with your attorney so we have an understanding of all the details. That way we can determine if you are approved. Once approved, we will let you know the amount of financial funding we can provide. Once the amount has been agreed upon you will not receive any more. Try to be very frugal with what you use the money on.

What do you do with the Lawsuit Funding?

All in all the money is yours to use on anything that you may choose. However, it is your responsibility to know where the money has gone. We highly recommend you use it to pay whatever necessary bills such as car, mortgage, and medical. It is also smart to use it for medications, groceries and other necessary needs. Try to plan a budget so that you don’t run out of your lawsuit funding sooner than you had planned. We want to help you out the best we can but we are not here to monitor where your money goes after you receive it.

Do you pay the money back if you lose your case?

If you lose your lawsuit case the pre-settlement funding is yours to keep. You don’t pay us anything back.

What if you win?

Once your lawsuit case has been resolved and you have won your case, we are only paid the agreed amount from your settlement.  This is what we will discuss with you and your attorney before everything is signed and final.

Most important, is this legal?

Getting pre-settlement funding through us is definitely legal.

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