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Liability for Drunk Driving Accidents

Posted on February 23, 2012 by Fast Lawsuit Team

Driving under the influence. Even though people know the dangers of doing it, and have seen countless ads reminding them about it, it seems that alcohol still has the power to make people do something completely foolish and hazardous.

2010 statistics show that over 30% of fatal accidents involved drunk drivers, with a higher percentage happening starting midnight to 3 a.m. In the same year, the practice of drunk driving has claimed the lives of 459 people. Simply put, it simply is not a good idea to entrust a vehicle to a person impaired by alcohol – it turns the vehicle into a lethal weapon.

The question is, when filing a drunk driving lawsuit, who is considered liable? Well, the obvious answer would be the driver. Even with the influence of alcohol, a driver should know full well that he should ask a designated driver to take the wheels. Having possession a driver’s license is both a privilege and a responsibility and one of a driver’s legal responsibilities is not taking the wheel when under the influence of alcohol.

However, aside from the drunk driver, there are also other parties that can be considered liable. These include:

-          Parents of underage drivers (who drove under the influence). The rationale behind this is that parents are ideally the ones who can make sure that their children drive safely.  In some states, parents are required to sign the driver’s license application for applicants who are below 18.  Also, parents usually are the registered owner of the vehicle and thus present another level of liability. And, if the teen is having behavioral problems, parents are considered liable for the acts of their troubled teens. These troubled teens are those with a history of substance abuse and bad behavior. Some states tend to tack on punitive damages for a parent’s failure to get a misbehaving child some help and strict supervision, particularly with the use of a vehicle.

-          Other parents/adults under the social host liability. A parent or another adult who serves alcohol in his home to a minor.

-          Bartender or waitress who served alcohol. Restaurant and bar owners, as well as their employees, may also be held liable if the bartender or waiter continued pouring out the drinks for someone who is visibly drunk and allow that someone to drive away.

-          Liquor stores, under dram shop liability. Liquor stores may be held liable if they sold alcohol to a person that is already obviously intoxicated.

Being a Victim of Drunk Driving

If you are injured as a result of a drunk driving incident, you can file claims against the erring driver. You can claim compensation for:

-          Medical expenses (past, present and future costs of treating the injuries)

-          Loss of income or loss of job

-          Loss of consortium or wrongful death (for loved ones of a person disabled or killed by the drunk driving incident)

-          Disability and disfigurement

-          Pain and suffering

-          Punitive damages (under some states)

The injuries caused by a drunk driving incident could be catastrophic. It may require you to spend a considerable amount for medical treatment and therapy.  By the time you are able to see the settlement of your lawsuit, you may have medical bills piled up. Add to this the fact that your injuries have resulted in the loss of your job. At this difficult time, you will need someone to turn to to give you the cash you need.

Lawsuit funding can help by making it easier for drunk driving victims to have access to cash that they otherwise cannot get through other ways. With settlement funding, families of victims can have the peace of mind that comes from the assurance that they can still pay bills and meet their daily needs, aside from paying the hospital and other medical expenses.

A reputable provider of lawsuit loans would be We are eager to provide you with quick and easy lawsuit funding to help you go through the drunk diving lawsuit. We understand that you don’t need the added worry of how to pay for the next bill or how to have money for your treatments. You can focus on working with your lawyer to strengthen your case so that you can obtain the compensation you justly deserve.

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